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((I updated Holli's bio and relations and facts and everything, because they made me cringe to look at.
I will admit that she was quite a bit of a Mary-Sue in the beginning, but I solemnly vow that I have ironed out all the wrinkles and that she is finally a good character. 
I look forward to roleplaying with her! I'm out to iron out the rest of my ask accounts now!


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Holli Meadows
United States
Hey. I'm Holli. Do something or go.

Holli is a little of what you might call "odd". Deeply concerned about ghosts sucking the world into oblivion, sacrificing the infidels, and fruit-flavored snacks, she's quite the conversation-starter.
Having a brief experience in a cult (which she quit when they stopped giving out apple juice and crackers as refreshments), she considers herself to be deeply spiritual and quite superior to others. She does remember some of the rituals and chants from these experiences, and uses them to her aid to curse her enemies and all their future offspring. She also believes that she can read the future and read people's pasts and judge their souls (though really, it's a bunch of bullshit).
She also can harbor deep hatreds for those who wear too much blue, as it is her color. Though she will let it slide if she deems them noble and therefore, "blueworthy".
Also highly mischievous and fully equipped with firecrackers, a lighter, and an unhealthy taste for adventure, she's certain to fuck up any minute spent with her.

Likes: Doing things she's not supposed to, drawing (especially on the faces of sleeping people), tigers, hats (though she'd never wear one in public), heavy metal, and the dream of one day conquering the world and cosmos as we know it.
Dislikes: People who wear too much blue, Craig, pedophiles, animal abuse, Craig, "mouth-breathers", people that smell too strongly of perfume or shoe polish, thick frosting, a large portion of the male species, and Craig.

:bulletblue: Holli's a compulsive liar. Though she likes this, and milks her ability to lie spot on.
:bulletblue: She tends to use large words and complicated terms to confuse others and to make herself seem smart.
:bulletblue: She's very picky with her company.
:bulletblue: She secretly hoards tiger-related merchandise in a box she keeps hidden in her closet. This includes the hat that she'd never wear.
:bulletblue: She's awfully attached to a blue penguin doll that she's had since she was a month old. She calls him Bubs.
:bulletblue: She takes taekwondo lessons under her mother's order, but usually uses this for her own benefit as opposed to the code of martial arts.
:bulletblue: Has a sweet tooth for any gummy candy.
:bulletblue: Has successfully summoned a ghost, which took her hamburger before disappearing.

:iconask-theodore: Dork who probably carries cooties and all sorts of gross diseases.
:iconaskrags: This guy is pretty cool!
:iconask-fiona: One of my closest friends. Though she should hurry up and propose to Kenny or something.
:iconkowaisenpai:I want to connect all of her freckles! She's like one big connect-the-dots! Someday....
:iconenderman-is-so-cute: I wonder what types of enchantments she's put on that hat...
:iconaskbraddixon: He punched a tiger in the face once and it was amazing.
:iconaskcolinbpopcorn: He's great, I hope that we can go lion-back riding some more!
:iconaskscarmcspark: We need to go and target more people to potentially murder sometime.
:iconask-pyro-nix:Uh... he's... interesting...
:iconask-kenny--mccormick: He wouldn't be bearable if Fiona wasn't there to help me.
:iconask-emi-and-will: The magic man fixed my DS. I wonder if he used witchcraft...
:iconask--amelia: She seems super nice!
((MY MAIN ACCOUNT: :iconelectric-kitty:
SOME OTHER ASK ACCOUNTS::iconask-kenny--mccormick:
ID image by the amazing and talented :iconraining-candy:!

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